Har Chhoti Khushi Ka Celebration! :)


July 29, 2010 by Preeks

My Blog is probably in a fainting spell right now, what with it’s owner posting twice in the same week! Chill. This is just a short FYI post.
You know those days when every small thing brings a smile to your face? The Har Chhoti Khushi Ka Celebration days? I had mine yesterday! No big news to the effect of I fell in love, or I got a new job or Patrick Dempsey said Hi to me. Just small little things that made me go πŸ™‚. So here’s my list:

  • I got the Auto-rickshaw at the door step, and beat this – he offered, all by himself, to charge me by the Meter! Get the Champagne out! I don’t drink, but this calls for celebrations.
  • There’s this bee in my room, which has pretty much made the curtain it’s home. I have tried all methods of evacuation. Nothing works! Yesterday, it left. Just like that. While I am sad about losing a friend, can we silently blast a couple of balloons and celebrate in darkness, before the stupid thing comes back on seeing the sugar and lights?
  • Arrey, Cake Lao! It was my Manager’s three year old daughter’s birthday yesterday. While I didn’t join the celebrations (Partly because we weren’t invited), we did participate in our own little way. We went out of office for a meeting and did not bother going back to office. Which means, I was home at 2 pm. HA! Ha! ha! Give me a bigger piece of the cake, baba!
  • This one is important, for all of you out there. Did you know Fab India Salwars have pockets? I had NO idea! My sister told me that a couple of weeks ago, and since I had never been observant enough, I assumed I had got duped. And yesterday, of all the days, I found it! The pocket in my Fab India Salwar! I won’t use it because it is not convenient, but sigh, the joy of discovery. Music on. I need to dance. Now.
  • And now. The main Chhoti Si Khushi that got me to write this post. Because I was home early, I decided to take my Mom out. We went to the Aurobindo Ashram, which also happens to share my school complex. To give you a slight preview, the Aurobindo Ashram complex is a BEAUTIFUL tranquil hub in the middle of all the noise in Delhi. It is a branch of the main ashram of Pondicherri. Amidst that greenery is my School, where I spent the 12 most awesome years of my life. As always, I walked around in a trance, absorbing the sheer beauty of the place, when I saw someone familiar. I nudged my Mom, and was half way through the sentence, “Do you remember..?”, when the lady called out and said, “Preeti. Class 1-B. You have grown up!” That’s right, people. My Class Teacher from 1st standard remembered me, and recognized me! I felt this sudden warmth in my heart, like someone just poured oodles of warm honey and caramel all over it! So much sweetness. And that ladies and gentlemen, is my Chhoti Si Khushi which demanded Celebration! I am wearing a new Kurta today, to celebrate this Khushi.. πŸ™‚
I have a smile pasted on my face ever since. My Mom is wondering what’s wrong with me, and I am wondering why all days can’t be like that!
What are you celebrating today?

Signing out,


34 thoughts on “Har Chhoti Khushi Ka Celebration! :)

  1. These chotti khushi's bring so much joy πŸ˜€

    I heart pockets!! One of the reasons for disliking the salwar kameez was a lack of pockets.. and now that you have told me @ Fab's salwars, I might just start liking them πŸ™‚


  2. Preeti says:

    @Arbitthoughts: Yeah! :a
    Eggjactly my reasoning too! I also avoid wearing salwar kameez due to lack of pockets! And now I love them! :a


  3. Karthik says:

    That was one lovely post, Preeti. Happy for you! :a

    Your 1st std teacher recognized you? You haven't changed a bit since then? *rolls eyes* And I was thinking that women keep changing aaaallll the time. :l Hehehe

    And who's that bloke Patrick Dempsey? Never heard of him. :e

    By the way, Preeti, are you still watching Glee? *about to faint..*


  4. Preeti says:

    @Karthik: Thanks!
    No ya. I haven't changed one bit! And I take that as a compliment.. :h
    “And who's that bloke Patrick Dempsey?” – How dare you? *I don't have an agry smiley. Hence.*
    And yes Karthik, I still watch Glee. *Paani mat lao iss baar* :c :d


  5. rechristened says:

    Awww what a heartwarmiing post πŸ™‚ Reading this post brought me its own quota of chhoti ki khushi too.

    I had no idea about FabIndia salwars either. Partially because I have only bought chudidaar from them πŸ˜› But pocket in a salwar? Isn't that a little odd? Lifting your kurta in the middle of the road to fetch something from down below LOLOL
    I think they should have pockets in kurtas! I'd love that!


  6. Kanishk says:

    Did meeting with your teacher also reminded you of the glorious 90s and the memories associated with those years ?


  7. Preeti says:

    @rechirstened: Heheee!
    That's why I said I won't use it! :c
    Really, it is not convenient. It's just that they thought about it! :a
    Oh and the new Kurta I am wearing today is also Fab India and has pockets! :a


  8. Preeti says:

    @Kanishk: Yeah, well.


  9. rechristened says:

    Okay, I have to go and buy something from Fab now. It's been three months!!!


  10. DI says:

    Awww! May you have such awesome days always :a
    Anyway, can you believe I have not shopped at Fab India for 3 years? 3 YEARS? Argh! I feel useless!
    Class Teacher from 1st class remembering you is awesome btw! :k
    PS: Fix your smileys.


  11. Preeti says:

    @rechristend: 3 Months! That's too long. Atleast in my case. :i
    I don't know why I am promoting Fab India here, but they have got pretty cool shirts too! You should totally check them out! :a


  12. Preeti says:

    @DI: I was just telling rechristened that 3 months is too long. 3 YEARS IS COLOSSAL! Go Now.
    And yeah, felt so special being remembered! :a
    May you have awesome days too! :a
    PS: I tell you this in every post. I need a day off to fix those damn smileys. I had half the day off yesterday and look how I spent it. :i


  13. Ramya says:

    This is such a happy post! And I can imagine how wonderful it must feel when your teacher from Class I remembers you. Cause for celebration indeed.

    I am celebrating the fact that I could sleep till noon today. That it is raining here and Bangalore is beautiful. And that I bought a new painting kit. πŸ™‚


  14. Awww @ your first standard teacher remembering you πŸ˜€
    So sweet!


  15. Tamanna says:

    I was laughing through the entire post, but the last bit gave me goosebumps. Moms and class 1 teachers. Rockstars, both πŸ™‚


  16. Wildflower says:

    Lovely post πŸ™‚ I had my little joy today morning when my eggless pancake experiment turned out wow and i was able to gobble them up with loads of strawberries and honey hehe..

    Btw, did i mention what a great blog you have here! :T


  17. BK Chowla, says:

    It is such a pleasure reading your posts.


  18. Preeti says:

    @Ramya: Don't get me wrong. I am happy for you, but I am damn jealous too! :d
    Slept till noon! Rain! New Painting Kit! You should throw a party! :a
    And yeah, it felt great to be remembered! :h


  19. Preeti says:

    @celestialrays: :a


  20. Preeti says:

    @Tamanna: Yeah! Totally! They really are Rockstars! :s


  21. Preeti says:

    @Wildflower: Ha. Good for you! :k
    Thanks! Much obliged! :a :h


  22. Preeti says:

    @BK Sir: Thanks so much Sir! Much obliged! :h


  23. Heyyyy..That really calls for a toast….Wishing you many more such days and hope Patrick Dempsey says hi to you ..:)


  24. ajay says:

    Good moods are contagious and reading your post got me in a light mood after a frustrating day. It's good to see you writing more often. Teachers who've taught you in initial years never forget you. I had a similar experience some time back. And who's this Dempsey guy? I thought you liked Clooney :a Oh and this post reminds me of 'Dil hai chota sa, choti si asha' from Roza – a nice, happy song, hai na! :a


  25. Preeti says:

    @dilontherocks: Fingers Crossed! :a


  26. Preeti says:

    @Ajay: What's with guys who pretend they don't knowwho Dempsey is? Hmmm? :j
    Glad to have made you smil! :a
    And yes, that is a beautiful song! :a


  27. Nu says:

    that is so aww !!

    all the points mentioned call for total celebration, definitely πŸ™‚

    Hmm you came home at 2 ??? what about the rest of the office hours ?? Naughty you πŸ™‚

    Me likey that you spent time with mommy dearest and whoa Class 1 teacher recognized you ?? that surely is a big deal to celebrate…it is BIG khushi πŸ™‚

    FAB India salwars really ? Will check..given that I love FAB's kurtis a lot..

    Hey new pinch on your kurta πŸ™‚

    I like your post why because you've pointed out in a way that we need to pay attention to small happiness coming our way and celebrate and cherish them…


  28. Preeti says:

    @Nu: Thanks! :h
    – Rest of the office hours have been regularized as I was in an “official meeting”! :c
    – Yeah, it felt really really nice to be remembered like that! :a
    – Seriously! You have to try out these Salwars! :a
    And I love the fact that you gave me such a detailed response! Me likes! :h


  29. Chinkurli says:

    I half managed to read your blog on my laptop before I was thrown out, and wanted to say something. Now that I'm at a comp that lets me access and comment, I've forgotten 😦


  30. Preeti says:

    @Chinkurli: :c


  31. Rajlakshmi says:

    these choti choti si khushi make our life even more beautiful πŸ˜€
    lovely post πŸ˜€


  32. Preeti says:

    @Rajlakshmi: Thanks! :a


  33. What a cute post…love the feeling of being happy for small reasons..p.s. my fab india salwars revealed no pockets ..why?


  34. Preeti says:

    @dropzofjupiter: Chotti si khushis are something, huh? :a
    No pockets? Hows that possible! Maybe only the Delhi ones have them!


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