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December 6, 2010 by Preeks the girl from the other side of life! 

How are you? Good? Hmm? I *think* I am back on the blog world. Or at least I am trying to, and step 1, of course, means visiting all my favorite blogs and commenting there! So expect lots of comments from me in the next couple of days. 

In other news, I am good. Doing just fine.

No big news except for the very shocking fact that I have seen only 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season – 6. Me. Ms. P. The girl who lives and dies Greys. The girl who follows Grey’s Insider on Twitter. The girl who believes all doctors are naturally good looking. The girl who exaggerates trivial symptoms in her head because she *thinks* she heard Dr. Derek discuss a similar symptom bloat into some enormous medical jargon, in Season 3, episode 17. You get the picture. The same girl has not seen season 6. 
Do not worry, though. I am on the case. The downloaded episodes have been transferred to a pen drive and the HUGE, new LCD TV awaits an all-nighter of hard work, while it plays the show and I watch them, non-stop, cuddled in a razai.

What else? Oh, winter is here! So, yay for that.

Apart from that, nothing to tell. I promise that the next post will be a more decent outing, not a kaam-chalau post like this one. In fact, on your behalf, I will scold this extremely lazy, indolent side of me that refused to come up with a good comeback post.

Till then, ciao!

Have a great week!
Signing out,


36 thoughts on “Say Hi…

  1. DI says:

    First! I disown u. BTW. FYI.


  2. Preeti says:

    @DI: Eh? For the Greys thing? :f


  3. ajaykgp says:

    Yay, you are back! you're back! Finally came out of your hibernation to tend to your deserted, forlorn blog and check up on your fellow bloggers. Welcome back! :a Now don't even THINK of going away :c And yes, this IS a kaam chalau post. It was like jaldi se kaam niptaana. Nahi chalega! Looking to forward to better, longer posts :a


  4. DI says:

    Yes, what else? Don't worry, I will reclaim you once you are done watching all the 10! :C


  5. Preeti says:

    @ajay: Not only am I back, but I am being prompt in replies too! Says so much about the new me. 😮
    Thanks for the welcome! Going by the number of comments I am getting for this post, I so wish I hadn't gone away! :f
    And don't worry on the long posts front. Will catch up soon! :i


  6. Preeti says:

    @DI: Oh yes. Good then. You can reclaim me by tomorrow, I guess! That all-nighter plan was for tonite! :i :c


  7. Bikramjit says:

    Hi winters well you got to be here then you will know what winters is -12 day before.. and me walking the streets Was like A ICE CREAM walking…

    Glad i came over to this blog Nice one …



  8. Titaxy says:

    welcome back 🙂


  9. Kanishk says:

    Haven't watched Grey's anatomy yet… Is it better than House? wait why am I even asking? it can't be!! 😛


  10. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Welcome back! You were missed… especially your 'karare posts'… that go sooo well with a steaming cup of coffee/kaapi or masala chai 😀


  11. Preeti says:

    @Bikram: Hellow! :a
    Welcome here! :h


  12. Preeti says:

    @Harish: Thank you! :h


  13. Preeti says:

    @T: Thank you! Much obliged! :h


  14. Preeti says:

    @Lemon: Thanks! :h


  15. Preeti says:

    @Kanishk: :e :e :e :e :e
    How dare you? Mere blog pe, Greys ki insult!! :r
    House is just about okay-ish. 😮


  16. Preeti says:

    @Roshmi: Thanks ya! Off to check your posts now! :a


  17. And she is back.. :a


  18. Preeti says:

    @Comfy: Oh yesss! I am back! :a


  19. Good to know you are back …Write those long posts already!


  20. Harini says:

    Good to have you back. I am not such a bif fan of Greys Anatomy :P.


  21. Preeti says:

    @Harini: Thank you! :a
    BTW, I'll pretend i didn't read the 2nd part of your comment. For the sake of peace and all. 😮


  22. Preeti says:

    @Pepper: :a Welcome here! :a


  23. Oh Yes!! winter is here 🙂 and I am so so so loving it… 🙂


  24. Tanishka... says:

    Missing your fav show… I can understand that very well, its a sacrifice indeed…

    Enjoy the winters…. :a


  25. Preeti says:

    @Crystal: I know! Isn't it just great to wear all those woollens and gorge on peanuts! :a


  26. Preeti says:

    @Tanishka: Welcome here! :a


  27. Ramya says:

    Good to see you back!


  28. Preeti says:

    @Ramya: Thanks! :a
    Hope your vacation's going good! :a


  29. Swaram says:

    Yay! I am loving the winter too, but wud love it more if I need not hv to come to work 😛 😛
    Welcome back 🙂


  30. Preeti says:

    @Swaram: Amen! Totally agree! :c
    Thanks! :a


  31. deepika says:

    hey.. umm.. dnt knw where else to ask.. so asking here.. how to add these smileys?


  32. deepika says:

    hey.. i m done with it… still.. thnx i got to knw abt this feature frm here only.


  33. Preeti says:

    @Deepika: :a :a


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