X for Find X


April 29, 2016 by Preeks

Q1. Seema is 24 years old. Her Mom’s age is twice her age, minus the number of iPhones she bought between 2011 and 2016, which is equal to the number of iPhones released between this period, minus the number of times they actually didn’t have much to upgrade and yet, made a big deal out of it, just so people would go buy a new phone. What is her Mom’s age?

Q2. Kavita was given some money on her birthday. She wanted to be smart and save this money for the future. But suddenly, her phone beeped and in came in a notification from a random e-commerce company, saying, “Hi Kavita! It has been a while since you shopped with us. We are giving you 90% discount. Please come back.” Kavita, being the sweetheart that she is, could not stop herself from pressing ok. In the next one hour, she bought herself 4 pairs of jeans, each costing Rs 1,000, of which she didn’t really need 2. She also bought shoes, which she knew for a fact would not fit, but had to buy, because loafers for 599, I mean, come on. She also bought a belt for Rs 399. Just like that. At checkout, she realized, she had overspent by Rs 4000. How much money was she given? And how much should she realistically ask for next year?

Q3. Raj needs Rs 12,000 to buy a new digital camera. He opens Flipkart where there is a sale of 25%. But accessories cost nearly Rs 6,000. Also, in order to sport that camera, he must have a cool belt and a bag. And when he clicks that picture of himself in the car rear view mirror, holding the camera, he must look like a professional photographer. That means, he needs a new jacket, new shades, a cap. And a car. How much money does he really need now?

Q4. Vinny has 35 friends, whom he has to give a chocolate on his birthday. Of these 35, 30 are on Facebook. 50% wished him on Facebook with “Happy Birthday!”, which as per him does not count as a true, heart felt birthday wish. So he decides to give these people only 1 chocolate. 25% wished him with a hideous looking auto generated birthday card. He decides to punish them by not giving them any chocolate for spoiling his timeline. 10% wrote “Hb”. He decides to take, instead of give, 5 chocolates from each of them. 5% did not wish on FB. To these, he decided to be generous and give 10 chocolates each. The rest didn’t care for his existence and neither did he. How many chocolates must he buy?

Q5. There are 35 pairs of red socks and black socks in the drawer. One Monday morning, in a hurry and angry because of Monday blues, Ravi pulls out two random socks and realizes that they don’t match. Then he pulls out another pair. And another. And another. Till he realizes, this is futile. So, he opens his smartphone and goes to an e-commerce site to buy new socks. How much time do you think he wasted in removing all those pairs? How much money extra, other than socks, do you think he would have wasted by logging on to this app?


8 thoughts on “X for Find X

  1. CRD says:

    My head is spinning now. Must…watch…xxx movies :p

    Kya re? Kaiku mere blog pe nai aati? Naaraaz nako hona!


  2. Hahahaha! This was hilarious! 😀


  3. Preeti says:

    Nai ya. Have been busy. Was posting also late at night. I'll visit today. Plus blogger blocked in office. :-/


  4. Moo says:

    *Raises head from question paper and puts hand up in the air* – Miss, there is a mishtake in Q4- 30 friends are on fb and 50% of them wished “happy bday” on fb, thats 15 frineds. Now if 25% wished him with the hideous auto generated card, that's either 25% of the remaining 15 friends, or 25% of all 30 fb friends (so some might have sent a happy birthday along with the card). Now, 25% of 30 is 7.5 and 25% of 15 is approx 3.7. How can a human be 0.5 or 0.7? Was Rahul Gandhi and Trump among his friend list? Which explains the half human thing. But if he had such high profile friends, clearly, he himself must be having a lot of cash stashed away in secret banks, why does he need to think so much before buying chocolates? Kanjoos tha kya? Tell no miss.

    (I'm usually not this vella at work, ok?)


  5. DI says:

    Hahahaha! I love it! Both the fun-loving me and the geek me! I absolutely love it. Especially since I just got majorly conned into spending by one such push message an hour ago!


  6. Preeti says:

    No more questions will be answered. You just wasted five minutes. 20 minutes to go. I will snatch the answer sheets then! 😛


  7. Preeti says:

    Glad you enjoyed! 😀
    Ab answer batao.


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